Nutrient Rich Toppers

Ok, so I’m late again. I’m supposed to be posting these on Wednesday’s along with our wellness tips that we post on Facebook, however I am a human and am late again 🤦🏼‍♀️  


Well, if your dog has a kibble only diet they could be missing several different nutrients on a regular basis. Here are some ideas to add.  


1. Kefir— there are many probiotics present and it helps with gut health.  

2. Raw eggs—This is a great protein boost and then has several vitamins as well. This is Wesson’s absolute favorite as he HATES plain kibble.  

3. Fish—  this will help dilute any heavy metals in kibble and also has a myriad of nutrients. Cain especially loves salmon, and our cookbook has some great fish recipes! 

4. Veggies— there are so many dog safe vegetables and depending what you choose there are so many vitamins and nutrients. So find what your dog loves!