10 Ways to Love your Dog

Since it is February and we are all in the love theme here are 10 ways to show your dog(s) how much you actually love them.  

1. Feed your pup healthy food. There are tons of different types and brands of food out there, but unfortunately many of them do not provide the nutrients your pet requires. Do your research and make sure you are feeding your dogs the right ingredients. A good website to check is petfoodadvisor.com or the American College of Vetribary Nutrition. 

2. Exercise your dog. Making sure your dog has adequate exercise during the winter months can be difficult.  But there are plenty of indoor alternatives to help as well. 

3. Go to the vet. Making sure your dog goes to the vet regularly will help ensure he is in the best health possible. 

4. Sign your dog up for training. It is never too late to teach an old dog new tricks or even just to freshen up on good behaviors. Proper obedience improves all aspects of life with a dog.  

5. Pamper your dogs. It seems that everyone is all about self care these days, so why not extend this luxury to your dogs and allow them to spend a day at a grooming salon getting pampered.  

6. Engage more with your dog. It may seem simple, but with everything going on in our lives we don’t think to just sit down and love on our dogs!  

7. Pet your pup. Again, it may seem simple but a scratch or a belly rub shows your dog that you love them and are thinking about them! It also has been proven that petting an animal reduces the anxiety in humans as well. 

8. Pay attention to your dogs needs. This can be difficult with several dogs (and one I fail at). But maybe your dogs just wants to play tug o war, or cuddle, or play with their favorite toy. Be in tune to what they need and give them each individual time like you would with children.  

9. Plan an out if god together. Whether it’s a day at the dog park, walking around a farmers market or whatever else include your dog. Bring Fido is a great website that gives dog friendly ideas throughout your city.  

10. Getting them something special. There are endless options from toys, treats, a new collar, a bed, or something from your favorite bakery (hint hint) this can lighten up their day exponentially.