Winter Walking Tips

Winter officially begins this week and if you live somewhere cold like us, these tips will be most beneficial for the next few months.

  1. Make sure both you and your dog are properly outfitted for the col weather.

  2. Protect their feet with dog booties or a gel (like our paw balm)!

  3. Use a secure harness to prevent pulling. This could end disastrously if this one isn’t followed as it could result in injury.

  4. Use a solid leash. NOT a retractable leash (retractable leashes are awful anyway, but thats a subject for another day). Consider using a jogger leash (like KONG brand) which will stay hooked to you even if you fall or loose grip.

  5. Make sure to stay dry.

  6. Avoid frozen areas.

  7. Wash your dogs feet when returning home as you do not want them licking the toxic chemicals in ice melts and salts.

IF you need paw balm for your furry friend this winter please step over to the Canine Health page to get some today.